Texa star co LLC was founded in Texas, USA in 2020. Our company crew with more than 30 years of international business have been fully capable of import and export issues in the USA particularly in Texas. Our company with the help of all potentials in Texas aims to increase the export rate and helps to improve its rank to be the first state of America in terms of economy which is the second state currently. Our company is an international broker and supplier for different sectors mainly Metal industry, Heavy machine, Chemical, textile, and food industry. Texas state is known for its cotton farms, cattle, wools which makes it the best source for textile industry. On the other hand, Texas as a source of machine industry has a great potential to export its high tech products to different parts of the world. Texa Star co has a valuable experience in trading some fundamental industries such as chemical and metal industries, from supplying polyurethane systems to steel coils and raw materials of metal castings. Furthermore, our company is a comprehensive supplier for all food products and raw material throughout the united states and overseas. All you want from an international trading company you can find at Texa star co LLC.